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In the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System we will teach you new strategies and techniques based on our many decades experience in health and fitness, personal training and bodybuilding.

And one day we stumbled upon new clues that provided that “light bulb” moment that we feel coordinates particularly well with concepts of modern weight gain issues and hard to remove body fat challenges.

There are a lot of popular fad diets out there that get moderate results or some that even get good results at least initially. But unfortunately, although they may help with a few health factors temporarily, they also have side effects which can be damaging short-term, medium-term and long-term.

So therefore we have learned over time that those diets are not the best and they are essentially gimmicks.

Plus those gimmick diets most often cause a “yoyo effect” where the dieter quickly takes back the body weight they lost while sometimes heavier than ever after they finish THOSE diets.   

Have you ever experienced such a thing?  We’ve discovered that there are exact reasons for that so we sought to target prevention of the yoyo diet effect and eliminate it in developing our diets.

And yes Phase 1  eating system of MAGNALEAN EXTREME  can be used as a lifestyle diet and for some, even Phase 2 can be used because after all the excess body fat and junk tissue gets flushed out of the body then you become a  fine tuned, high power physical being.

It’s better to become more attractive on the outside, of course but the inside also!  And we’re talking about becoming more attractive on the inside, physically, with clean and flowing cells, organs and areas all throughout the body.   Becoming clean and attractive on the outside and inside together can help make you a more powerful, and of course, attractive, person!  

Any why not feel great in the process too!  Are you looking for incredible energy that you may have never experienced before?  Well… try MAGNALEAN EXTREME!  

And even though the name “EXTREME” is in the title of this product, we actually do have a graduating scale matrix to step one in through “increasing waves” so we feel that it’s totally doable. 

Of course after doing the eating system the first time, then it becomes easier and easier.  Then you can dive into the full blown system without the graduating layers into the future, like we can. 

Additionally the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System can be very health positive we have found from our own experience.

We have coordinated the eating methods based on highly successful healers and their principles of eating which we then adapted and made into our own more refined and organized version.

Along our research journeys we stumbled upon some very interesting discoveries made by different researchers and  health care professionals which triggered the “a ha” light bulb moment that evolved into MAGNALEAN EXTREME.

So we thought, hmm that sounds like it could also apply to losing troublesome body fat that just seems stuck there no matter how much you diet and exercise…

And so through some of  those new discoveries into the MAGNALEAN EXTREME System we tested the program an what we found was SHOCKING!  In even just 1 week of the Phase 2 of MAGNALEAN EXTREME I felt like I had become a “shape shifter” as you see in cartoons, comics, morphing into a lean body person.

It was the fastest weight loss, fat loss and even junk tissue loss I’ve ever experienced.  It was WILD.  And to think I was increasing my health by LEAPS and BOUNDS AT THE SAME TIME!   What a deal!  So we developed the concept further then systematized it into the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Weight Loss System.

Now this is a very important principle which is: you should seek to become MORE  healthy from a diet rather than less healthy.  We’ve seen many diets come and go over the years.  A lot of these diets are gimmicks that can deprive you of nutrients.  They can also cause the dreaded “yo-yo” effect which can end up causing even more weight gain vs. before.

These gimmick diets can deprive you of needed nutrients by not providing an organized approach to incorporate nutrients that are essential for the body.   By depriving the body of needed, essential nutrients, the body can have functionality problems. 

But also, you could experience another form of the “yo-yo” diet snap back by your body providing you cravings trying to get you to eat the wrong types of foods since those foods are the ones your physical body knows.  So if you don’t experience better food types that has the nutrients your body needs then your body will simply crave what you know which would be the foods that made you fatter in the first place.  So therefore not  having essential nutrients in your diet and not knowing better lean body making foods experientially can cause you to wreck your diet.

Part of our focus in MAGNALEAN EXTREME is to present a new approach to what foods are actually good for humans and what are not.   These foods are associated with having powerful nutrients across a large spectrum of known nutrients and not so often talked about nutrients that are very important for the body’s optimal health. 

Firstly, what does that mean?  What weight do you want to lose?  “Water weight”? Sure.  The excess body weight caused by a nasty parasite infection?  Most definitely. Muscle weight?  You probably don’t want to lose muscle weight.  Excess body fat weight?  Now we’re talking.  Of course. 

The MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System eating system can be powerful and transformative. It can help you finally make the break from those hidden, oppressive, unhealthy, body fat making foods that create strong cravings in us for those bad foods. 

So through using MAGNALEAN EXTREME methods we have found liberation from what I call “food slavery” helping finally liberate us from the addictive power of crappy foods that make you fat and sick.  How so?  Those bad foods started becoming a turn off, unappealing even disgusting seeming.  Their craving power was no longer there even if we did force ourselves to eat something, what we call bad foods (because it makes you fatter, sicker over the long term and creates addiction i.e. refined sugar is one of these notorious well known bad foods). So after eating one of those bad foods, we would not have the same experience before and we would feel like we just ate something either lacking to flat out, corrupt.

Have you been struggling to get the lean and toned body you want?

Do you feel like you’re doomed to an excessively overweight body?  A lot of people do.  But cheer up.  You need not worry any more. 

Do you feel like you’re doomed to future or current body weight problems? Well guess what?  Well worry no more.  There is GOOD NEWS…

MAGNALEAN EXTREME EXTREME is one diet that has the power to help you make the break from food slavery and make you aware the difference between good food and bad food.  And by good foods vs. bad I mean not bad foods that are called “good” and good foods that are called “bad”, hidden or downplayed.

MAGNALEAN EXTREME teaches you how to listen to your physical body’s cravings instead of your ” emotional” cravings. Those emotional cravings are the ones that tend to get you to eat foods that make you fat and wreck your health.

The MAGNALEAN EXTREME Lean Body Getting System from our experience has the ability to make those fattening health wrecking foods now seem disgusting to you so you wouldn’t even want to even try to force yourself to eat them into the future.

So you can develop a powerful skill for life with MAGNALEAN EXTREME helping provide a large confidence boost knowing that you can learn a tool, a system that you can use for helping you get lean whenever you want.  Once your find a lean body getting method that you KNOW works well for you, your inner confidence can be boosted. 

And in my opinion and experience, there is not a more powerful or effective weight loss system on the planet. It was my fastest weight loss that I’ve ever experienced to date.  

MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System is comprised of a 2 phase eating system in combination with a particular type of cardio fat burning that we’ve created to be used with a new mind-state performance technique that works very well.

The first phase nutrifies the body with a foods makeover.   This can also be used as a maintenance phase after one loses the weight they want.

The second phase of MAGNALEAN EXTREME is the “Roto-Rooter” “fat liquidator” stage which for me was the fastest, healthiest feeling weight loss results I have ever experienced ever from over 30 years of experimentation for my self and personal training clients. 

You’ll see how this works when you learn the MAGNALEAN EXTREME system.  And when you get that “Aha” moment you’ll have a health super power and a lean body getting super power you could use on command whenever you want into the future. 

This second phase is also incredibly healthy, believe it or not, more healthy then most diets and is used for various therapeutic purposes with astounding degrees of success.

At the same time we’re going to do a particular type of cardio method in a new way using a performance mind-state technique generated between a fusion of athletics,  music performance,  productivity and  fat burning cardio.   

This performance mind state cardio technique is real and it works extremely well.  It works in general but also with the diet, the eating systems in this program.  And actually this mind state performance technique could even make cardio exercise “positively addictive” so you’ll actually WANT to do cardio into the future. 

MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System can provide a great plan of attack for helping you obtain your lean body goals.

We have personal experience with this program ourselves. No diet has  been more lean body liberating and fast than the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System from our experience.

And on top of that what we can do is vary the intensity and speed to which we employ ourselves in this program. 

We have created three levels of the eating system for different intensity levels, speed levels to be better adaptable to different starting points.   Different folks will likely want to move at different speeds.  So we’ve tried to incorporate doability factors from our own experience with the system.  So it’s 3 levels of “speed to lean”:  Starter, Advanced & PRO.

Most people may want to start stow but some can handle the top speed.

As you gain more experience with the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System you can get better and better at it and then you’ll own a skill for life, an extremely valuable health and quality of life skill. 

And once you’ve proven the system to you, your confidence will go up knowing that you now have the ability to get lean and toned whenever you want. 

By following a set of rules, one can just simply execute the simple rules in real time. 

And so by following a set of rules that can put you in a high probability position for success,  it becomes a lot more easy to obtain success. And the chances of you having success or increase dramatically.

A lot of people fail in trying to get lean and toned because they don’t have a system. They wing it. And winging it in weight loss is not a good idea because the weight loss process is a methodical one and doesn’t happen overnight. And so by winging it in weight loss you can easily lose focus and make a lot of mistakes.

Yes thinking about it more, winging it in weight loss, unless you have a ton of body building style weight loss experience where you’ve gotten ripped and shredded, going up on state in a Speedo or bikini, will produce a high chance of failure.

It takes a high degree of organization in order to effectively and quickly lose weight.  If you do not have an exact plan with the needed elements prepared ahead of time then you’ll just simply revert to what you are used to doing when you get hungry or low on energy, which unfortunately were the things that got you to a point of being overweight in the first place. 

Unless you have a weight loss system, a fat burning system with an exact plan with exact rules probably of weight loss, failure with weight loss runs up to what, you could say, 99% failure.  So get a system

Better yet, get the MAGNALEAN EXTREME System!

Then master that system!  Once you do then fat burning becomes MUCH more easy. 

Also being overweight represents or implies that one has underlying health problems, consciously or subconsciously which is true, yet mostly don’t think much about.

Most people don’t understand that being overweight is a symptom of poor health.

There are usually multiple compounding potential health problems that are associated with being overweight that have developed and are developing inside the body.

So get educated with advanced knowledge that comes with the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System to give yourself an instant and very large edge over your body. 

Yes! Most everyone has. It’s the times.  Modern times has presented many many factors, many of which that are known, many factors though are not that known.

There are multiple, multiple factors that go into modern body weight struggles and struggles with excessive body fat. And arguably a lot of this swollen puffiness is not even body fat, but backed up fluids and junk tissue.

Most people need new methods to be able to crack the lean body code and finally vanquish that excessive body fat.

The old brute force way but burning off body fat does not work for most people these days! The old school workout, working out super hard and or working out super long does not work well in modern times. Why?

We have different internal body mechanism issues, different inner body mechanics issues caused by the modern diets, the modern low physical activity and intensity engagement lifestyle, the modern toxin overload all in combination with modern average low nutrient levels.

And although you can burn off that by simply working out really hard, spending hours at the gym and eating one of those “clean” bodybuilding style diets that takes a ton of time and effort while taking of multiple hours per day and well that doesn’t work out for most people who have normal lives. 

So that old-school approach is not sustainable and people on average are not able to sustain it. So as soon as the hard work tapers off, as soon as someone gets burned out on excessive work and time it takes to do old-school method that they simply puff out like a blowfish. You see it all the time in the gym. It’s quite hideous.

We need a better fat burning system. A better way. This is why we created the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System for ourselves and therefore we are now providing you with the ability to obtain our powerful fat burning system.

This is a new breakthrough! Those who have been aging, who have acquired an aged look more than you’d like, in particular, I’ve got good news!

Have found your face to have developed puffy bags and wrinkles overtime? Most everybody does.  But have you noticed that some people who are up past their 50’s and 60’s actually have a face that looks a lot younger, naturally.  How is that possible?  

You’re going to love the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System even more than ever because guess what?

MAGNALEAN EXTREME has the ability to help with wrinkles and facial puffy bags! 

It was ridiculous!  Wish I knew MAGNALEAN EXTREME before!! 

Plus my skin is looking better than ever (you’ll see why once you learn MAGNALEAN EXTREME! Pick up a copy and start learning this awesome system right away!).

It was quite shocking quite frankly.  Most people have a bunch of junk stuck in their face that causes bags and wrinkles.   Well guess what MAGNALEAN EXTREME Helps do?  That’s right!  Fat, bags and wrinkles …! bye bye!!  

So to accomplish the goal we want, we repeat the MAGNALEAN EXTREME system over and over, if needed, to get the results we want.  It’s really simple.  And it’s quite dramatic.

So the way to make it happens is that you get good at doing MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System and then maybe repeat the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System if needed until you restore a very youthful look in your face!  From experience with this program, that’ s the route that worked for me.

I also say that MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System to date has provided me the fastest and healthiest weight loss experience after testing many different methods over time. 

I have aggressively pursued achieving higher levels of easier weight loss methods as I sought to become more efficient for myself but also others who are struggling and who are depressed about that body weight struggle.

These days I am looking to develop methods for health and weight loss that are extremely efficient with low effort, low time involvement and increased doability. 

So I’m looking to design ideal weight loss and health methods that empower us, that increase health dramatically, that are extremely time efficient so we actually gain time instead of losing time by doing the whole bodybuilders gym say, 4 to 5 hours a day.

Speaking from personal experience and the experiences of others including experience as a personal trainer I will admit that when you get into the whole “gym thing” it can suck your life away… Everything in life now starts to revolve around the gym including your relationships.

You start making your life revolve entirely around the gym and you start cutting out opportunities in life all because you are a slave to the gym.

Or really you end up becoming a slave to the whole gym mentality. Your average personal trainer will suck you into that.

And you’ll continue to do that, thinking that there’s no way out, until you get more education on more efficient ways to become lean, stay lean, build muscle and retain the muscle. 

And once you learn these new ways (which you can from our various programs) and you’ll be set free reducing your exercise time by up to 90% while also likely better results in the process.

The whole gym life thing, unless you’re a professional bodybuilder, is not an efficient approach to becoming lean and toned. It’s not even the most efficient approach for muscle building believe it or not.

Plus the whole act of going to the gym with so many other people there to be quite distracting and quite inefficient especially when you have to wait to use the machines or weights. And it can be very difficult to focus in a gym with a lot of people so that everything just takes longer.

Plus there’s the whole socializing aspect of going to the gym which can be a nice thing but on average it can become a major distraction.

If you’re looking to become lean and toned or even build muscle faster may I suggest that you just start learning our products because we have made breakthroughs discoveries that we put into educational programs that make going to the gym seem like a highly efficient inefficient thing to do.

Yes I know that sounds wild.  But by learning MAGNALEAN EXTREME you’re going to learn more insight on the aging process that you don’t usually hear much about.  At least in terms of the appearance of aging, and quite frankly, inner factors of aging too (i.e. increased joint mobility, greater agility, greater speed, more energy, brighter mood and so on…after doing MAGNALEAN EXTREME ) It’s pretty incredible and was quite an exciting extra benefit that we did not expect at first.

The more I personally do MAGNALEAN EXTREME the younger I look. Period. But do understand also, I’ve grew up in the cosmetic skin care and cosmetic surgery industry – so I have a mind for looking out for newer, better techniques for looking better & looking younger.  And I’ll tell you this: Nothing has come close, even remotely close (well except for a face lift but that can make you look… strange… unless working with a master surgeon).

Of course it depends where you’re starting from in terms of the aged look which is simply in many cases trapped fat or fluids, junk tissue.  But there are secrets in this program that you will certainly want to know if you’re into looking younger, with a more vibrant glow, while increasing attraction factors to high levels. 

Now also, consider combining MAGNALEAN EXTREME Weight Loss System with an effective anti-aging facial care system and who knows, you maybe able to have incredible results too. 

The MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System is a powerful eating system that provides a complete makeover plan not only for the outer body but the inner body as well. How So? 

We use a new set of foods in powerfully different ways based on foods associated with helping the body heal. 

We take what they discovered and combine that with our knowledge and experience in solving health problems over the past three decades all into the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System – Eating System.

So yes the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System is a diet and is a fat burning cardio workout that uses a special performance mind state technique to make fat burning cardio highly efficient and coordinated with the eating system so it’s efficient, effective, yet not too intense.

Your cravings will change. What you think is good in terms of foods will change and what you think is bad will change. This sets you up for more maximal health and a more automatic lean body into the future.

So after doing, or getting good at doing the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System, your cravings will change for the good and that is powerful.

We’ve experienced a craving change with the MAGNALEAN EXTREME system.   

Maybe some are so used to eating junk, processed food that it’ll take a couple times doing the system to get the craving change results we got but to this point in time, the old junk food, fast food, processed food and even protein bars we used to crave in the past now seem disgusting! And that’s good news!

Life gets a lot easier when one can liberate themselves from the enslavement of  bad bacteria and parasites that have wooed, seduced and even “commanded” us to eat a bunch of garbage food that makes us fat and sick. 

If one is dominated by bad gut bacteria they tend to  crave nasty food, smelly processed food, like a lot of fast food. The good news is that all of that nasty junky food, the food that wrecks your health and makes you fat,  may likely become abhorrent to you too after finishing with this program!

I have found that my taste buds have dramatically changed after doing the MAGNALEAN EXTREME weight loss program whereas junk food, fast food,  sugary sweets and various other processed foods… have lost their appeal and even seem disgusting to me.

And that’s a big deal! Because if you no longer crave the crap then you’re not going to go eat it.

It’s these crappy foods that have made us sick and fat over the years.  So that’s one big secret for getting lean and staying lean. Change your cravings.

In a nutshell, the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Fat Burning System is about using new ways of opening up the various channels of elimination of excess body weight for increasing weight loss speed and effectiveness.   It’s a system focused on efficiency and speed. 

Then from there we use a psychological + physiological “harmoniously synergistic way of doing fat burning exercise” (we use a mindstate performance technique) that coordinates very well with our eating method for helping accelerate the burning of fat. 

We do look to do everything at a well-balanced pace for the optimization of burning fat without going too far too fast.

A lot of people struggle with weight loss because they go too far too fast. 

They are not taught the pacing it takes for rapid weight loss especially when coordinating the diet and cardio vascular exercise, or weightlifting for that matter.

On the other hand we do want a FAST PACE of Fat Riddance do we not?  Of course we do!  Who doesn’t want that! 

But what I’m talking about here is that there is a pace and a flow, even at a faster pace or where we don’t rush ahead, push it due to some emotional idea of the moment.  So there is a pacing of the faster pace and by knowing that there is a pacing then that can make a huge difference between finishing well or not. 

So although this diet, this fat burning exercise system, this lean body getting system is called “EXTREME” we try to not make it feel extreme in the process.

Because if this program feels too extreme what’s likely to happen? Most people will likely quit probably including our own selves.

Most people are too busy to do anything too extreme that drains them of energy too much or makes them feel miserable so we do keep that in mind because, remember, we made the system for us, our own selves.

And now we’re sharing it with you.   So in short, we want EXTREME Results yet without the extreme effort!  And that’s what we’ve created.

We do certain ‘eating reps” and “eating sets” of “eating exercises” on certain days.  The first phase of the food matrix is to use a powerful base of body healing nutrients.

Yes you can eat fun foods but only by using foods on the foods list as ingredients – so you simply replace the ingredients.  

The second phase of the matrix is the exciting one where we look to just “pull the plug and let it drain” – draining all of that excess stored body fat and “fluid retention” watching it rapidly melt off the body. It was extraordinary watching my body change when comparing to many different weight loss, shredding and getting ripped methods we have employed in the past.

And when one sees positive results then one becomes more encouraged to stick with a weight loss program until completion.

Although it may seem challenging at first we have factored “doability components” into the matrix of this program to mitigate worries of being too extreme, so this program becomes more doable.

We work ourselves step by graduated step into the full-blown rapid fat liquidation, fat liberation or rather, lean body liberation stage, where we are liberating our lean body from the oppressive sludge of excess body fat, puffery and excess junk tissue.

So in other words we personally don’t like drama programs that take too much energy effort or time since we have a lot of things going on personally. And because of that we have designed these factors into the program to make it all easily doable.

If needed, we repeat the whole MAGNALEAN EXTREME program as needed. It’s as simple as that for getting the results we want, for obtaining our lean body goal.

Most people will probably get the results they want just one time through the program. But the people who have extra, who have some layered backup over the years may need to repeat the program. No worries. It’s relatively easy in and enjoyable in our opinion.

Because there are two phases of the eating program and because the fat burning cardio program is directly tuned into the physical body’s needs of that day and of that moment, we can repeat the MAGNALEAN EXTREME over and over as needed and we don’t need to take a break. 

But if you need to take a break in between, that’s fine and great too.  While on a break you can evaluate your performance of the MAGNALEAN EXTREME system and make notes of how to do a better job the next time through.   

And on that note, you can dramatically accelerate your progress by keeping a journal, making note of exactly what you ate, when, the details of your cardio workout and various reflections on how you are doing with this program. 

The information in this program is extremely valuable and not only could it save your physique, it may also help save your life, health wise, emotion wise, relationship wise and general success wise.

You’ll see when you purchase and go through the course (the course is in print and video you’re going to learn some valuable insights that not many know or understand.  These insights will give you incredible health POWER.)

We understand. We’ve been in  health and fitness, bodybuilding and personal training for over three decades and we seen a lot of ideas, some good and a lot of lame.

Yes our experience has given us quite a bit of knowledge and understanding of how the body works, of how the mind works and what it takes to actually get a lean and toned body.

So therefore we believe that we can provide you key knowledge understanding and insight so you can actually and finally gain a fat burning, a lean body getting super power so you’ll never be imprisoned by excess body fat again.

You’re going to learn a way of also doing fat burning cardio exercise, a method, a psychological mind state performance method that will revolutionize the weight loss and fat burning industry solving most all fat burning weight loss exercise problems of the past.

This performance mind state mechanism is extremely powerful and will get you to be well-coordinated, happy, actually wanting to do the fat burning exercise and even craving to do the fat burning exercise all while providing you a powerful skill for life and health.

Learn more about the principles behind the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Lean Body Getting System and how it has become one of our most powerful weight loss excess fat eradicating systems in a most health enhancing way. But did you know that MAGNALEAN EXTREME may also be beneficial for mood, emotional state, coordination, skin tone and a long list of modern day health issues?

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